44 plays Throne Of Ooze (feat. Matti Way) Coprocephalic The Oath Of Relinquishment


Throne Of Ooze (feat. Matti Way) - Coprocephalic

Skinlepsy - Condemning The Empty Souls (Full Album 2013)

Death/Thrash Metal 

The Involuntary - Renegade


FFO: I, The Breather / August Burns Red / Texas In July / ARCHITECTS 

Epicardiectomy - Horrendous Festering Transmutations

Slamming Brutal Death Metal 

Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead 

Blackened Death Metal 

The Oklahoma Kid - Made Of Stone 

Progressive Metalcore

For fans of Northlane / ERRA / The Afterimage

Deviant Compound - Wormwood

Progressive Metal 

The Drake Equation - Judgement 

Progressive Metalcore 

For fans of: Volumes / ERRA / One Year Later / Elitist / Northlane